Registration Guide

1. Simply click Register on our Homepage to begin.

2. Select your account type: Mainland China or International. Enter your E-mail address, which will be your account name and input the verification code. Ensure you have read BTC China Service Agreement, and tick I Agree before clicking Next.

3. Click Check Now on the popup window, and you will be directed to your E-mail address for verification.

4. Open the E-mail sent by BTC China, click Continue to complete the registration process.

5. You will be directed to the Set Personal Information page. Follow the page instructions to set your login password, transaction password and personal information (your login password must be different to your transaction password for higher level of security). Click Next to proceed.

6. You have successfully created a BTC China account! For a faster and safer trading experience, please ensure that you have completed all the additional security settings. Input your phone number, and click SMS Verification Code or Voice Verification Code for verification.

7. Input the verification code and click OK.

8. Congratulations, registration completed! Please keep your account name and password in a safe place. If you wish to proceed trading without guidance, you can click Skip Guide.

Happy trading everyone!