Users Can Now Select User Account Type

Dear Customers,

For an easier and faster CNY fund/withdraw experience, we have added a new feature requiring users to select a user account type: Mainland China account or International account.

Where can I select my user account type?

For all new users and existing users that have not previously traded on our exchange, a popup window will appear upon clicking “CNY Fund” and “CNY Withdraw” pages.

Which user account type should I select?

If you have a bank account opened in Mainland China, please select Mainland China account. Otherwise, please select International account.

Please note: Once this is set, it cannot be changed.

What is the difference between the two account types?

Mainland China account can:

Fund through: 1. Yi Jin Dong 2. Bank Transfer 3. BTCC Voucher

Withdraw to: 1. BTCC Voucher 2. Bank Account

International account can:

Fund through: 1. BTCC Voucher

Withdraw to: 1. BTCC Voucher

Note: For CNY fund/withdraw assistance, please email us at

Are the BTCC Voucher for the two account types the same?

No. The BTCC Voucher withdrew to Mainland account users cannot be funded into International account users, and vice versa.

How come a popup window did not appear when I clicked “CNY Fund” and “CNY Withdraw” pages?

For existing users that have made transactions and fund/withdraw CNY on our exchange will not need to select  an user account type. Your user account type is set by default as “Mainland China” account.

I have already selected a user account type, can I change it again?

Once you have made your selection, you will not be able to change your selection anymore. If you wish to change your user account type, you can register for a new account and reselect your user account type.

For further enquiries, please contact our 24/7 customer support service.

BTC China Team

March 28, 2014